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Spectacular Photo Art In Scenic Landscape Photos

Discover the true natural beauty of the west in the scenic landscape photos captured in the art of William Magee. The author and artist offers his stunning nature photography prints at Magee Images, LLC in Dallas, Texas. Magee’s breathtaking photos of the settings, flora, and fauna of west Texas and Nevada are favorites among collectors of landscape photography and historical scholars of the west.

Scenic Photography

West Texas Color

William Magee’s western landscape photography captures the natural essence of the foreboding wilderness known as the Sierra Diablo Range, one of the most isolated locations in west Texas. The mountains were produced 950 million years ago by volcanic activity, blending with red sandstone beds at the southern end of the range. William Magee artfully seizes these glorious mountains, bleeding sandstone, and rugged outlines beset by sunsets to preserve the experience and spectacular beauty of the Sierra Diablo Range.

Nevada's Nature

The natural sandstone layers of Nevada, carved by the persistent forces of wind and water, have created some of the most overwhelming scenic landscapes in the world. William Magee ensnares the brilliance of Nevada’s landscape, animals, and plant life. From the layers of brown, red, and white soil to gorgeous mountains, the western landscape photography adeptly displays the power of Mother Nature through the lens.

Print Options

The scenic landscape photos from William Magee are available in print or digital form. Digital files are available for $400 in .jpg format via email or on CD. Purchase of these nature photography prints include free shipping and are available in the following sizes and prices:

8” x 12” - $40 • 11” x 14” - $60 • 16” x 20” - $100