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Facts about Artistic Photography

Learn More about Artistic Photography in Dallas, TX

Artistic photography, which is can also be referred to as fine art photography or photographic art, is popular for use in home or office décor. If you are interested in using photographic art with western themes, Magee Images sells a variety of artistic photography in Dallas, TX and Nevada. Though photographic art is extremely popular as décor, it’s important to understand the history behind how photography became an art form.


Photography in Dallas, TX is the art, practice, application, and science of taking pictures. These pictures are images made either electronically or with light-sensitive material that reveals the image when exposed to varying degrees of light.

Artistic photography refers to photographs that are created and shot in an artistic way by the photographer. This form of photography in Dallas, TX also includes photos that have been digitally or chemically enhanced to represent the artistic vision of the photographer.

How Photography Became an Art

As early as the 1850s, photographers thought of themselves as artists, but the art world did not. Journals and magazines were published that discussed the idea that photography can be a medium for artistic expression and not long after, photos started making an appearance at art galleries.

Also in the 1850s, photographers began publishing photographic prints of major works of Western art. These were met with commercial success and greatly increased access to great works of art by the masses. The Pictorialism movement, due in large part to Alfred Stieglitz and Ansel Adams, lasted from 1885 to 1920.

During this time and after, photographers would alter their photos with chemicals. Today, photography in Dallas, TX can be shot with film cameras and then developed to the photographer’s liking or taken digitally and altered in computer programs such as Photoshop. There are many more reasons photos are taken today, including selling products and offering information, and photography has become a big part of everyday life.

Photographic Art in Daily Life

Photographic art has a variety of uses in our lives and there are many different ways we can enjoy photography taken around the world:

• Enhance décor in homes and offices as wall art or coffee table books
• Evoke our emotions by capturing a certain feel with the image
• Capture our imagination and allow us to travel to another place
• Educate us and help us understand the world around us
• Preserve an image for all time, such as portrait photography

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