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How Do You Frame Texas Nature Photography?

When it comes to framing your shot, there are a variety of different ways that you can use the natural scenery around you as framing. A frame is used to border the subject in a photograph in order to bring the viewer’s eye directly to the focal point of the image. When out shooting Texas nature photography, there are a variety of natural borders that you can utilize for framing wildlife and landscapes.

Trees and Shrubbery: Though plants can be few and far between in some western landscapes, utilizing trees and cacti as frames when you’re able can add extra depth in your Texas nature photography. Branches make great frames for landscapes and sunsets and a field of shrubs can easily help frame smaller animals. Playing around with the focus and the foreground and background can help add a new feel to the image if you can’t quite find the shot you want.

Wildlife: A flock of birds or a herd of buffalo can make a fantastic frame for your landscape if you capture just the right moment. The birds may be circling around the sun or that herd could be grazing perfectly around the mountain. Texas nature photography can be extremely beautiful and unique and little out-of-the-box thoughts on what to frame your image with can turn a great photo into a spectacular one.

Rocks and Mountains: There are plenty of rock formations to utilize as borders in western Texas and Nevada and getting the perfect angle around one of them can really take your Texas nature photography to the next level. Shooting your landscape from a cave with the entrance framing your shot can give a photograph an entirely different feel. The rocks don’t have to be as tall as mountains to make an impressive shot. A photo through a smaller rock arch can be just as effective.

At Magee Images, LLC, we strive to shoot the most beautiful Texas nature photography for customers to display in their homes or offices. If you’re interested in learning more about our photography and purchase prints for yourself, visit us at Q7Photo.net and browse through our gallery today.