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Photographing Texas Wildlife

When delving into the world of Dallas Texas photography, there is a variety of magnificent wildlife to photograph in the American west. Whether you’re brand new to photography or have been taking professional photos for years, we’ve put together a few tips to help enhance your wildlife photographs and make them all the more stunning.

When taking Dallas Texas photography of wildlife, it’s important to focus on the eye of the animal you’re photographing. The eye is possibly the strongest element in your photo and you want to make sure that it’s well illuminated and in perfect focus. A vibrant, clear eye can add so much more intensity to your photo than if you focused on the fur, background, or foreground.

Speaking of backgrounds, you ideally want to find a plain and simple background for your animal to be against. A busy scene behind a bird or other small creature can cause the animal to get lost in the setting and your lens may focus on other aspects of the shot. When composing your Dallas Texas photography, consider your framing. Though you don’t want your background too busy, capturing some of the beautiful western scenery around the animal, rather than it just being in the middle, can add extra depth and beauty to the image.

With all of the beautiful colors of the western landscape, you want to make sure you wait for the best possible lighting in your shot. If you want your Dallas Texas photography to stand out amongst the rest, the right lighting can help create the perfect mood for your shot. Whether it’s the golden rays of the morning sun or the gorgeous color palate of a western sunset that you’re after, you want to give yourself the time to be out there when the light hits perfectly for your shot.

One of the most important tips we can give you for photographing wildlife is to be ready! Animals aren’t going to pose for you, so you have a very limited window of time to capture that perfect shot. Once you find the subject of your Dallas Texas photography shoot, make sure your camera is at the ready so you can snap at a moment’s notice. Little things like a yawn or a bird taking off into flight are easy to miss and they can make your image so much more captivating.